Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Started

Oh great. Another blog. Why?
Lots of reasons, I guess. But primarily obedience.

I've been thinking for quite a while that I need to be writing and publishing. Years, actually.
I have lots to say, things to consider, ideas to kick around. Plenty of topics, too.
But I just didn't get around to actually doing it.

Finally, I got convicted by the actions of my sister Janet. (Not for the first time, either. I'll tell that story another time.) She started a blog a while ago, and it's been fun following her. A lot of her stories have been reminiscing about our childhood. Really enjoy those - but I don't exactly remember a lot of things the same way she does. Maybe I'll post my version of some of those stories.

After a while, I realized that blogging would offer me a couple of advantages. First, it's an opportunity to get my thoughts, teaching and ideas published. Secondly, and more importantly, it will get me to start writing. The best way to improve one's craft is through practice. Lots and lots of practice. So I intend to write consistently on this blog.

About the name - it's Spanish for "more water". It's a phrase I uttered a lot on a mission trip to Honduras years ago (followed by por favor.) My last name is Vawser. As far as we know, that's an Anglicized spelling of the German Wasser (pronounced VAH-sir, just like my last name), which translates as "water". So, maybe I'm saying you're going to find out more about me if you follow this blog. I don't always understand myself where this stuff comes from, or what it means. But I like wordplays, so there you go.

Can't tell you everything I'll discuss in this space. God willing, a bunch of stuff.
I'll talk about my life, my family, theology, practical living, good and bad times, books I've read, lessons I've learned - really just about anything that I find interesting. I may occasionally rant in this space, but that's not a main purpose.

What is the primary purpose? Obedience, I guess. Not for you. For me.
I know I'm supposed to be writing, so here goes. We'll see what happens next. Should be fun...


  1. Hey Dan, I'm looking forward to your posts and thoughts and insights!! God bless you brother.


  2. Good job Daddy. This is definitely a positive step. I'm proud of you. :-)

    - Your firstborn

  3. Also, you should send me a message on facebook whenever you post a new blog so I know to go read it.

  4. About time! :) I'm looking forward to hearing (reading?) your thoughts often. Maybe it will help shrink those many miles between us. I love writing my blog; I am sure you will love writing yours, too, for all the reasons you've listed, and many more. God's blessings!